001 - Mr Beer West Coast Pale Ale

BJCP 10A American Pale Ale (American Ale)

Refreshing and hoppy, yet with sufficient supporting malt. An American adaptation of English pale ale, reflecting indigenous ingredients (hops, malt, yeast, and water). Often lighter in color, cleaner in fermentation by-products, and having less caramel flavors than English counterparts. There is some overlap in color between American pale ale and American amber ale. The American pale ale will generally be cleaner, have a less caramelly malt profile, less body, and often more finishing hops.

Brewed: 12/28/2011MMMBottled: 1/11/2012MMMReady to Drink: 2/8/2012

OG 1.034 SGMMMFG 1.010 SG

3.1 % ABVMMM16.3 IBUsMMM3.0 SRM

Carbonation: 2.3 Volumes CO2

Calories: 111.5 kcal/12oz