006 - Mr Beer Horse's Ass Ale

BJCP 6B Blonde Ale (Light Hybrid Beer)

Easy-drinking, approachable, maltoriented American craft beer. Currently produced by many (American) microbreweries and brewpubs. Regional variations exist (many West Coast brewpub examples are more assertive, like pale ales) but in most areas this beer is designed as the entry-level craft beer. In addition to the more common American Blonde Ale, this category can also include modern English Summer Ales, American Kölsch-style beers, and less assertive American and English pale ales.

Brewed: 3/4/2012MMMBottled: 3/20/2012MMMReady to Drink: 4/17/2012

OG 1.047 SGMMMFG 1.009 SG

5.0 % ABVMMM16.3 IBUsMMM3.1 SRM

Carbonation: 2.3 Volumes CO2

Calories: 154.5 kcal/12oz