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BJCP 3A Vienna Lager (European Amber Lager)

Characterized by soft, elegant maltiness that dries out in the finish to avoid becoming sweet. The original amber lager developed by Anton Dreher shortly after the isolation of lager yeast. Nearly extinct in its area of origin, the style continues in Mexico where it was brought by Santiago Graf and other Austrian immigrant brewers in the late 1800s. Regrettably, most modern examples use adjuncts which lessen the rich malt complexity characteristic of the best examples of this style. The style owes much of its character to the method of malting (Vienna malt). Lighter malt character overall than Oktoberfest, yet still decidedly balanced toward malt. American versions can be a bit stronger, drier and more bitter, while European versions tend to be sweeter. Many Mexican amber and dark lagers used to be more authentic, but unfortunately are now more like sweet, adjunct-laden American Dark Lagers.

Brewed: 1/7/2013MMMBottled: 1/30/2013MMMReady to Drink: 3/1/2013

OG 1.044 SGMMMFG 1.009 SG

4.6 % ABVMMM21.0 IBUsMMM11.7 SRM

Carbonation: 2.6 Volumes CO2

Calories: 144.4 kcal/12oz