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For a long time my favorite online forum for beer brewing discussions was hosted by a well-known extract kit manufacturer that started millions of homebrewers down the path. The forum affectionately referred to itself as the BeerBorg. A large core of very active members provided a huge amount of support and excellent reference material as well as entertaining fun. The atmosphere was always very friendly and welcoming to all types of brewers whether they used extract or all grain. The guys and gals over there helped me and many others grow their brewing knowledge. Recent "radical improvements" on that forum were a dismal software implementation apparently devoid of pre-release testing and sensitivity to user input. Sadly these "improvements" decimated the once extensive library of useful posts and well written stickies, alienated a large number of the members and reduced the best beer forum on the web to just another forum. I hope to someday be able to update this paragraph with good news about the site, but after several weeks it looks like it's what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

Fortunately, one of the active members on that site created a new site and forum that has drawn a large following over to participate. I assembled the artwork above to celebrate the new home of the BeerBorg.