012 - Mr Beer Wicked Monk

BJCP 16A Witbier (Belgian and French Ale)

A refreshing, elegant, tasty, moderatestrength wheat-based ale. A 400-year-old beer style that died out in the 1950s; it was later revived by Pierre Celis at Hoegaarden, and has grown steadily in popularity over time. The presence, character and degree of spicing and lactic sourness varies. Overly spiced and/or sour beers are not good examples of the style. Coriander of certain origins might give an inappropriate ham or celery character. The beer tends to be fragile and does not age well, so younger, fresher, properly handled examples are most desirable. Most examples seem to be approximately 5% ABV.

Brewed: 4/17/2012MMMBottled: 5/10/2012MMMReady to Drink: 8/8/2012

OG 1.059 SGMMMFG 1.018 SG

5.4 % ABVMMM12.4 IBUsMMM4.0 SRM

Carbonation: 2.3 Volumes CO2

Calories: 200.1 kcal/12oz